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An orthodontic problem caused by having too many teeth with insufficient space to accommodate them.

Deep Bite

Excessive over-bite; closed bite. This can lead to excessive wear on the edges of the lower teeth, and may also cause clicking in the jaw.

Under Bite

Excessive under-bite; this problem may be related to a discrepancy in the jaw size. This could be a small upper jaw, or a large lower jaw. Sometimes, there may be a pseudo-under bite which should be dealt with as soon as it is noticed.

Open Bite

A malocclusion in which the teeth do not close or come together in your mouth.  This predominantly happens in the anterior portion of the mouth.

Cross Bite

A malocclusion where some of your upper teeth are inside of your lower teeth when you bite down. It is important to know if there are any breathing difficulties, since it may be associated with a narrow upper jaw.

Impacted Canine

Impaction of maxillary and mandibular canines is a frequently encountered clinical problem, the treatment of which usually requires an interdisciplinary approach. Surgical exposure of the impacted tooth and orthodontic mechanisms may be applied to align it. It seems worthwhile to focus on the means of early diagnosis and interception of this clinical situation.

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